The great gatsby chapter 9

chapter 9

"Most of the reporters were a nightmare." This shows how scary is was at gatsbys house and it's gonna show into the chapter how scary it all is. "Wilson was reduced to a man "deranged by grief"." This shows how messed up of a man he was! Wilson was not himself when he went to Gatsbys he was possessed with something. "She and Tom had gone away early that afternoon and taken baggage with them." This could be both literal baggage but also figureative bagged as daisy had baggage or killing myrtle and toms baggage would be that myrtle was his mistress. "No one arrived except more police and photographers and newspaper men." Why didn't he show up what was wrong? Was he really mad at Gatsby? Did he regret something? "After a little while Mr. Gatz opened the door and came in" this is really crazy because the whole book they don't talk about his dad and then he just shows up! Why do you think this is the case?

The Great Gatsby Chapter 7

Chapter 7

"The lights in his house failed to go on one Saturday night." This was very interesting. Was this because of Daisy and how she didn't like the parties? Did he have other plans this night? "I wanted somebody who wouldn't gossip." What are they gonna gossip about? What did they do wrong? What did he do? "Gatsby took up with his drink" this shows how Gatsby is always pictured with a drink. He likes drinks. "As if he had just recognized her as some one he knew a long time ago." This shows how Gatsby really still does love Daisy and she means the world to him. He would do anything for her and she means everything to him. Even when Daisy was driving the car he stood up for her and said it was him driving. He really does love daisy and he even built his house across the lake hoping that she would see. He wants to impress her and get her away from such a bad man as Tom is.

The Great Gatsby Chapter 6

Chapter 6

"An ambitious young reporter from New York arrived one morning at Gatsby's door and asked him if he had anything to say" If this happened to me i would be so scared and I wouldn't know what to say. Gatsby is so popular and so many people know about him and how amazing he is. "I suppose he'd had that name ready for a long time, even then." Why would he want to change his name? Is this what made him so popular? "But his heart was in constant, turbulent riot" If he had so many women why isn't he married? Did he only want the Golden girl? Did none of the other girls fit for him? "Daisy and Gatsby danced" Gatsby actually appeared during a party and danced with the Golden girl. I think that was a great accomplishment for him.

Great Gatsby Chapter 5

Chapter 5

"When I came home to West Egg that night I was afraid for a moment that my house was on fire." This would be so scary to think that your house was on fire but it was just from the party that was next to your house but you couldn't even see your house. I would be scared for my life if it was that way! "Only the wind in the trees, which blew the wires and made the lights go off and on again as if the house had winked into the darkness." So what I said earlier was wrong. Why didn't Gatsby have party at his house? What was happening to Gatsby?  "Old Sport" Why does Gatsby always call him old sport? Aren't they about the same age? "He added hollowly 'old sport'" There he goes again calling him old sport for no reason. It doesn't seem that nick really likes to be called that. "My face had now assumed a deep tropical burn." Is he embarrassed? OR did he just realize that Gatsby and Daisy know each other. "…

Great Gatsby cover

The color of the book is blue with a face on it and towards he middle there is lots of colors and looks like something is exploding form those colors! I think now after reading the book a little it's like gatsbys house with the parties and around the light is darkness and that's the sadness the people have but when they come to gatsbys house they try to get away from that sadness.

The Great Gatsby Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Every Friday five crates of oranges and lemons arrived from a fruiter in New York." Why does he need so many oranges and lemons? Is this because he has so many parties or what? "I believe that on the first night i went to Gatsby's house, I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. "He doesn't want any trouble with anyone." Why does Gatsby invite everyone over but never actually parties with them he just hangs out in the back? Does The author want to show someone who is just in the background but can see everything? Does he want everyone to like him? Or does he actually want something from them all?

The Great Gatsby Chapter 2

"This is a valley of ashes" Why is there a valley of ashes? is this a very large for people who are sad? Is it really ashes? "A man named Gatsby" Everyone knew this man his whole world was these people. Everyone knew who he was. Did everyone have a personal relationship with this man or did they just go to his house and did he just stand in the back? Does Gatsby want to have a reltionshp with these people? Is he using them for something? Why does the author show him as such a crazy wealthy character?