Self Reliance 12/1/16

"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself"- from Emerson's Self reliance
This quote reminded me of hammocking with friends. When I go hammocking it brings me so much peace and its so fun! Friends can help you with your peace but the start comes from you.

"It is easy in the world to live after the worlds opinion" - From Emerson's Self Reliance
In this world most of our thoughts about ourselves and how society can view us also. This can be a good thing but also a very bad thing because it can effect how we see ourselves and others. We have very negative thoughts a lot on peoples clothing and things like that but it should be more on people on the inside.

"To believe your own thought" - From Emerson's Self Reliance
This reminded me a lot how especially in high school our thoughts are based off of what others think about us and how we always make sure that they approve. We should look at the start and just believe what we think first instead of believing what others think about us or what we think they will think.


  1. I agree with the last one, its important to go off of what we want, not on what others think.


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