MOMENTS This picture has:
  • lots of color
  • someone seeing the light
  • there is a gear on the bottom.
  • there's a statue of liberty in the back
  • looks like there are streamers going across the painting
  • the man in the bottom right has a brief case
  • hands trying to grab the people
  • why do many people look run down and then the one guy looks very happy?
MOVEMENTS The picture is showing:

  • the gear is moving toward the light
  • streamers are going across the picture
  • the men on the gear are moving
  • the man on the left looks depressed
  • the rocks could be moving like "opening up the light"
MEANING The artist was showing:
  • How some people wanted to go to America but other didn't
  • Some people looked for the light, others ignored it, and some ran after the people looking for it
  • this also could be like the waves of a persons life. where he starts out in a horrible place then sees the moving gear and then sees the light.


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