The Color of Water Chapter 1

Metacognitive Chapter 1

Written from the Mom's point of view: "I have been dead to them for over fifty years" This really caught my eye because if I was dead to someone or a lot of people it would be very sad and very hard to deal with. "Don't bother me" I feel like I have said this a couple times especially to my sister when she barges in my room when I'm doing homework or something. "He's dead now anyway" was this hard on her? in this situation it seems like she didn't care anymore at all. "I got rid of that name" Why did she keep trying to change her name? I remember when I was little I  always wanted to change my name to Megan. I don't know why that's just what I wanted. "My family mourned me when I married your father." Why did she marry him them? "There are too many rules to follow" She was running away from what was hard. She didn't want to deal with all the rules. "Her left hand was useless" This seemed that things are just useless to her and that everything that doesn't do it purpose then they are useless.


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