Color of Water Chapters 9-11

"they had a white folks school and a black folks school and a jewish school." this is very sad that they were all discriminated against.  If i were in this situation i would be very very sad. "you have the prettiest hair can we be friends" i wish making friends was still this easy. i wish people would also be nice like this to everyone then would be so nice to people. "Folks were poor and starving." this is very sad because everywhere you go you will find people who are starving possibly not physically but also mentally. "Mommy was for anything involving the improvement of our education" I think this is such a great thing, I feel like parents should want the be for their parents. "they called me big head" I hate hearing stories like this. When kids are bullied its so horrible. People shouldn't be treated like this. "They'd hang him" This super hard but when a man even looked at a woman this would happen and there was such a bad punishment. I don't agree with this at all. This is such a bad thing and this should never happen or be treating anyone like this. "I thought he had all the answers" No one will ever know all the answers ever. You shouldn't ever expect someone to have all the answers because they wont. "I was sure none knew" If you think no one knows there is always gonna be someone who knows. Sometimes its really hard because someone will find out either way.


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