Color of Water Chapter 15-17

Chapters 15-17

"After my abortion I wrote to Tateh and said i didn't want to come back to suffolk." I think this is very sad. Did she just never wanna see him again? When she went back to Virgina did she see him again? What happened to him? "I went right out and found him."  Well I just answered my own questions. Why did she want to go find him? She wrote him a note that he wasn't coming home. "She was just a giving and kind person." This was such a good friend she needed in her life at this point. She needed the comfort not the questioning.

Graduation: This chapter is about her trying to graduate and then she wanted to do it with her friend but then she go there and then couldn't go. She couldn't in the church she thought she did so many bad things and then she couldn't go in there.

"Were going driving" I love doing things like this and just going driving with people. Its always so fun and you can always relax and destress which just going on drives with others. "Mommy had never driven before as far as I knew." I would never get in the car with someone who has nver driven before i would be terrified! Even if it was my mom i wouldn't drive with them especially if they are scared of driving.

Driving: This chapter is talking about how his mom left her past in the past and just never drive until that day since she used to pull trailers behind a car and how she now overcomes her fear of driving.

"I was happy to get a job." I think this was a good thing for her so she could get her mind off of somethings that were happening and then she didn't have to focus on everything else that was happening. "That was your father" This is cool that she tells James the story on how she met his dad. "One day he told me he would take me out to lunch, I accepted." This is really cool that she is able to talk about this stuff and it seems like she's opening up a little more with talking to james and telling him stories.

Lost in Harlem: This chapter is telling her about not how physically lost she was but how she didn't fit there. She was trying to get away from her past and being around distant people from her family wasn't helping. She had to leave Harlem because people didn't seem like they wanted her there and that they were using her just for work.


  1. I like how after every chapter you go back and think about how the title of the chapter relates to the bigger picture. I think that's good to understand the deeper meaning of the sections as they relate to the whole book.

  2. I really like that you used quotes throughout your whole post. It makes it easy to follow.


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