Color of Water Chapters 12-14

Chapter 12-14

"Hunter was the eleventh child" I could never relate to James in this because he has had so many siblings that it didn't matter to him anymore that he had another one. This is something that is so hard to wrap my brain around how can you live with such a large family like that. "I was lorded over by Mommy." This is really sad that he really doesn't see his mom as a mother just someone who takes care of them. This really explains their relationship and how they acted toward each other."sh"I thought my stepfather was odd" Why do you think it was like this? Did he ever really give him a chance or did he just think he was odd at the start. "She was quiet and watchful" this is a good person to have in your life because they can see a lot of things even though you might not even notice but they are aways lucky to have in your life.  "i have never seen so many people rushing about." this reminded me of the hallways in our high school. they are so crazy busy its so crazy! "i finally broke down and told her." everyone reaches a breaking point and its sad sometimes but sometimes its easy to help. "there was no one to tell me not to" he sounds like he didn't have anyone he was very alone with no one to help him. :(  "she could not punish me, she knew that"  she had lost him she didn't become a super big picture in his life and now he's too old to even listen to her. "Chicken Man was a sweet man" this s where the title came from! this guy seems like he's gonna have a big impact on James's life. There have been some people that haven't made a big impact in James's life and there are some that have.


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