Color of Water Chapters 2-5

"Two new hobbies" these are really weird hobbies. Does she only have two hobbies? "a stoke and he was gone" this was very sad to me that he seemed like the best role model for them and now he was gone and it hit them all very hard. "I snatched purses. I shoplifted." This really hit me hard because they were all living in a very hard life and everyone deals with death in different ways and this is how he dealt with this. "She refused to learn how to drive" how did this happen? Do they all have bikes or do the children walk everywhere and does she have her bike? "Parents who were busy" this would be really hard if your parents were never around. "You couldn't just walk into America." I think that would be really hard. Was this ever possible? "They were bald" Were all the women actually bald? or is this what everyone thought about them. "No mixing it up" this would be so hard if you were never able to mix your food everything would be so bland and boring.  "You obeyed, Period." This is probably why she treats her children in this way also because this is how she grew up. "She issued orders and her rule was law." They were never able to just let them be and they never had a word they were just demanded to what they were supposed to do. "She didn't seem real to me" This is very sad but as young children they don't remember a lot like trips and places I went when I was little I remember like faintly. "black power" This is where the title came from. "We thought he was God" The boys were mesmerized by this man and thought he was so cool! "If anyone asked us about our home life" When this happened they were told they had to respond with an I don't know response and this was very sad because they don't even know what happened. "Its just a purse" She really didn't care so much about that and just wanted to go home. It seemed like she was just used to this happening that it didn't matter to her.


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