Color of water chapters 6-8

Color of Water 6-8

"Started like a tiny cho-choo train and ended up as a roaring locomotive." I really like this sentence because it shows how he really thought it sounded like and his point of view on it. Its easy for us also to be able to understand how he heard it. "sometimes two or three people would physically hold the spirited person to keep her from hurting herself" this is very sad that they would just stand there and watch them freak out and not try and help because they were very scared of them and its very sad. "Every face was silent watching him" If I were in this situation I would have been very scared if this happened like everyone would be waiting.  "their families were together and although they were poor they were still happy" This is so cute and I love it this is how everyone should be and money shouldn't matter. Everyone would learn from this quote. "He joined the army and got killed, my brother sam" This was very very sad and I think this is super sad and he really misses his brother. "
"never consulted mommy about these problems" instead of having to talk to her about it why didn't they just go and pick it up themselves? they expect their mother to do so much when they could also do a lot that she's doing. "you could hear the sighs all through the house" This is really explaining how tired all of them are but they are all doing it together. No one is just sighing by themselves but everyone is doing it together. "why Helen was quitting school" They all have the times where they wanted to quit school we all do but we actually normally don't do it. But she did and everyone was very shocked that this was the case. "Rosetta was the resident queen of the house" she ruled the house above all of them and no one wanted to mess with her. "She spent entire night pacing up and down the halls" She was very scared and nervous and couldn't sleep. I don't think I could deal with this. In these chapters everyone has really shown how to come together as a family and how they do it.

  • delicious
  • food
  • cold cup of coffee
  • hurricane
  • wash cloth used by all
  • circus
  • zoo
  • prison stew
Mcbride uses diction to suggest that his home is crazy and very unorganized but also they all do so much to try and keep it as clean as they can .


  1. I like how you chose quotes that show how the family members interacted with each other because I think that's important to help understand why some of the characters behave in certain ways.

  2. Wonderful metacognitives--you're weaving in important questions and investigating them with authentic questions and reflections. My challenge to you: As you near the end of each metacognitive, try to revisit the chapter title, using it to draw some larger conclusions about each chapter's evolving themes.


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