Color Of Water Chapters 18-20

"We packed up the house for weeks." They wanted to move to Delaware and get away from the life they had in Queens. The sisters were perfectly fine with Queens, but James didn't want to go. They were debating over leaving or not. "The debate lasted literally up to august morning when we rented a U-Haul truck" this was a great moment for James. He needed a place to go to instead of just staying where he was.

Lost in Deleware: It seems like no matter where he lives he is always lost. He never feels like he belongs in wherever he is and its so sad. He wants to move somewhere they can all feel like they belong.

"But Dennis was a serious christian man" I think this was really hard on her because she has made some choices and thought she was never gonna be able to go to church. She probably thought that she didn't deserve him. "Okay I Promise" Its so very hard to keep a promise i feel like we throw the word promise around so much and never really mean it and then sometimes it is taken serious by others and then it is just a mess.

Promise: This chapter is about a promise that Ruth promised her sister that she would never leave but she did and forever she has held that grudge against her forever and thats why we should never promise things we know wont always turn out that way.

"We were not close" Why was he dating her if they weren't close? What made them wanna date in the first place? "Then he asked me to tell my story one more time" This would be so awkward if someone just came up to you and wanted to hear our full story. I feel like i would have been creeped out instantly.

Old Man Shilsky: This chapter talks about his grandfather and how he wanted to meet him and all about him. He wanted to learn more about him but he barely even knew his name.


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