Color of Water Chapters 21-23

"That's how they told us Bubeh was dead" this was a very interesting way to tell someone that someone else had died by telling them that a house was available. I wouldn't know hoe to deal with that when the people failed to inform you that he was gone by selling a house. "There was no life in Suffolk for me" I think this is why they mom can relate to james in some ways. She grew up in the same situation as james is in now. The place doesn't fit for her when she was young and now james is about the same age and felt the same way. "Well that just hurt me to the bone." This was very sad because he family pretty much abandoned her and didn't care. I would feel the same way if that happened to me.

A Bird Who Flies: "A bird who flies is special. You would never trap a bird who flies" This can be used beyond the book. If you can branch out and just go fly and not really know where your going and just fly and just be free you are special.

"Black males are closely associated with crime in America" This is very sad. I have met so many nice African American people and they are so kind. This is just a stereotype which is just super bad and that not everyone is like this. "I didn't have the heart" I feel like this is so hard but when i feel this way it just gives me more motivation to pursue that because i was gonna give up but why when your so close?

A Jew Discovered: This chapter really shows how to find yourself. This shows the lessons and hardships but how you have to pursue them.

"She hit me so hard, I fell to the floor." this was very weird but this lady despised white people. What did they do to her? "I'll still be your mother when you come back." this was probably a great moment for James. This really shows how much she cared for her children. "They have cars, televisions, and homes and their complaining." I know all of us in our lives have complained about something we didn't have but after I have grown up and actually witnessed how poor some people and they are so happy. I totally agree with her because so many people think about the first thing they don't have and then complain that they don't have it up they don't see what others don't and they aren't complaining.

Dennis: This chapter shows how much Dennis mattered to her and how much she meant to him. Dennis stands up for her all the time and would do anything to protect her and did anything to protect the kids. She meant the world to her.


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