Color of Water Chapters 24-Epilogue

"This is the church my father Andrew McBride built" I thought this was really cool that he got married in the church that his father built? Why didn't he go more often? "It was his time to go and he knew it" This is very sad but everyone has a time they have to live but you have to make the best out of it. I think Andrew definitely lived up to these expectations and lived to where he lived it to the best. "The man died without a penny, yet his children grew up and graduated from college" This is such a great thing and It really shows how much of a good job his mother did while she had  to deal with her husband dead and having to raise 12 kids by herself.

New Brown: This chapter really shows how new Brown Really meant to them and that how it has so many memories from their childhood but its so good for them. This is where I feel like the family became really close and the mom was able to go back to the church and just revive her faith.

"Putting together Ma's will" This was probably so hard because she  gave everything for her kids and that she didn't think she had anything left. "Doctors found squamous cell cancer in a small mole in Ma's face" this is why they had to figure out her will. "They seemed free in ways I could not be." This is very sad that he thought this way because he saw people who had so much more things than he did and he felt like they were more free and that is so very sad. "I had no true personal life in those years" They were so focused on everything else than what he could do for himself.

Finding Ruthie: This chapter talks about her finding herself and how she can put her regrets away and how she can look at how amazing she is and how she has done everything fro her kids and how far she has come!

"I was completely surprised" This is how i thought about the book because i dint expect it to be anything like this.


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