The Great Gatsby Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Every Friday five crates of oranges and lemons arrived from a fruiter in New York." Why does he need so many oranges and lemons? Is this because he has so many parties or what? "I believe that on the first night i went to Gatsby's house, I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. "He doesn't want any trouble with anyone." Why does Gatsby invite everyone over but never actually parties with them he just hangs out in the back? Does The author want to show someone who is just in the background but can see everything? Does he want everyone to like him? Or does he actually want something from them all?


  1. Important questions and well-chosen passages! Great focus here, too. As you approach the middle of the book (and thanks for being ahead of the reading, by the way), start to ponder answers to some of your many wonderful questions.


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