The Great Gatsby Chapter 7

Chapter 7

"The lights in his house failed to go on one Saturday night." This was very interesting. Was this because of Daisy and how she didn't like the parties? Did he have other plans this night? "I wanted somebody who wouldn't gossip." What are they gonna gossip about? What did they do wrong? What did he do? "Gatsby took up with his drink" this shows how Gatsby is always pictured with a drink. He likes drinks. "As if he had just recognized her as some one he knew a long time ago." This shows how Gatsby really still does love Daisy and she means the world to him. He would do anything for her and she means everything to him. Even when Daisy was driving the car he stood up for her and said it was him driving. He really does love daisy and he even built his house across the lake hoping that she would see. He wants to impress her and get her away from such a bad man as Tom is.


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